Water Heaters Review

Now things to consider when purchasing your water supply unit:

Whether price is an object or are you thinking long term cost?

When it comes to price your needs are the most important factor, depending on your budget and on what type of heating source suits you.

Gas(propane) and electric water tanks are the lowest to install. As for operating costs currently gas is the cheapest source of fuel, propane is about twice as much and electric can cost up to 3 times more.

If you have a larger usage(4 or more) you may want to look at a tankless water heater that can meet the demand of your household which also saves floor space and runs only when you need it unless it has a pilot light. If the tank is electric it draws a lot of power when in use.

Thinking Green? The solar hot water system could be for you, but the initial costs are considerably higher.It also draws electricity when the solar panels have not drawn enough to supply it, which can up the operating costs considerably.

What types of water heaters are a possibility?

Gas would be the preferred method of a heating source with propane being the second choice. If it comes down to electric water heaters you may want to consider a solar powered hot water unit to cut down on those electricity bills that arrive every month. If you have a large demand(4 or more people) the tankless hot water system would be a good choice.( natural gas and electric models are available )

For more information on each TYPE click NATURAL GAS, ELECTRIC, PROPANE, TANKLESS, SOLAR

Does The Water Heater Brand Matter?

Brand does matter, companies such as GE, Bradford White, Rheem and so on have been around for years and have built a reputation for lasting. If it as a brand new model, being the first is not necessarily best. Just like buying a car there can be problems with certain parts that have not been proven to be reliable. With this in mind there is a lot less parts to a hot water system than a car thus less problems should arise.

Does size or output matter to your hot water needs?

You need to know what your needs are? Are you single, a family of four or more?

If you own a home and are in need of replacing your current unit, know what your current needs are and if you want to improve them.
Keep in mind the most expensive is not the best for you. We are here to provide you with choice and opportunity to improve your system while meeting your needs. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your existing hot water heater. Remember to think long term if it applies or short term if you are selling your home.

Main Types of Water Heaters Reviewed

AO Smith Water Heaters | Filling Your Water Heater Needs
The range of AO Smith water heaters available are rather extensive. From a point-of-use water heater to a 575 gallon tank water heater, as well as an assortment of on demand water heaters.
Rheem Water Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Rheem Hot Water Heater
Rheem water heaters available are tankless, electric, gas and solar. How do I choose? Determing your needs first is the best place to start.
Rinnai Water Heater | Supplying Your Tankless Water Heater Needs
A Rinnai Water Heater may provide you with your exact needs and desires of water flow as well as offer fantastic effeciency with their condensing units.
Bosch Water Heater | Bosch Tankless Water Heaters
A tankless or point-of-use is the only available Bosch water heater. There are both(nautral gas and electrical models) ranging from an under the sink point-of-use to a unit that provides enough hot water for 2 to 3 showers.
GE Water Heater | Tankless | Standard | Hybrid Water Heaters
A GE water heater has a built reputation and integrity to uphold but which one suits me? With our help your choices should be narrowed down to few depending on your needs.
Whirlpool Water Heaters | Natural Gas | Propane | Electric Models
Whirlpool Water Heaters offers a variety of tank sizes from as litlle as 28 gallons to 80. They also have a line of point-of-use water heaters for those smaller needs.
Reliance Water Heaters | Natural Gas, Electric, Hybrid Water Heaters
Reliance water heaters have a wide variety of water heater tanks as well as a point-of-use and an electric heat pump. Their hybrid model is one of innovation by using technology to use the best of both the tankless water heater and the tank style water heaters.
State Water Heater | Residential and Commercial State Water Heater Review
Whether you need a residential or commercial water heater, there are over 500 units of State water heater tanks available for you!
American Water Heater | Residential and Commercial American Standard Heaters
The American water heater has multiple models with LCD displays or LED lights for controlling temperature and alerting one malfunctions. American standard heaters have residential and commercial water heaters available for multiple uses.
Takagi Water Heater | Tankless Water Heaters
The Takagi water heater has been in production for over 50 years, solely on tankless water heaters. There have been many firsts for innovation among the tankless water heaters as they continue to strive for a superior quality.
Richmond Water Heater | Tankless | Standard | Hybrid | Solar Water Heaters
A Richmond water heater has a variety of water heaters to suit a large number of different uses as well as diverse supply of quality for a number of different pricing ranges.
Noritz Water Heater | Instant Hot Water Heater
Noritz water heater specializes in tankless water heaters for residential and commercial needs focusing on increasing efficiency and reducing temperature fluctuations.
Titan Tankless Water Heaters
Titan tankless water heaters have one goal in mind to provide continous hot water at a fraction of the cost.
Solar Water Heater Reviews
Solar water heater systems are known to be environmental friendly and offer a cost effective solution to generate hot water for residential consumption. Solar hot water systems do not use any kind of fuel because they depend on the sun to provide them with the energy source to heat water. Solar water heating systems usually consist of storage collectors and storage tanks and there also exists two distinctive solar hot water systems where the first one is active and the second one is passive. The active heating system utilizes circulating controls and pumps while passive method does not.