American Direct Vent Water Heater

American Direct Vent water heaters are a particular series of water heaters that come under the category of residential gas water heaters. The company of American water heaters is a leading organization committed to manufacturing high-quality water heater systems to serve the purpose of residential and commercial requirements.

Features Offered by this American Vent Water Heater

  • Both the models give the option of thru the wall or thru-the-roof venting of combustion products. Therefore this means that the air is drawn from outside the building.

  • These two models of American gas water heaters features fused ceramic tank shield that helps in enhancing the durability and lifecycle of the product.

  • The water heaters are also insulated with non-CFC foam that helps in trapping the heat and thereby saving energy.

  • In order to ensure high-energy combustion, both the models feature aluminized steel multiport burner.

  • The combination thermostat, which comes with preset pressure regulator and built-in energy cut-off provide overheat protection.

Specifications for the Direct Vent Water Heater

* For propane water heaters replace "N" with "P".
Model Number Energy Factor Gallon Cap. BTU Input/Hour
Natural Gas
Recovery 90°F Rise Gallons Propane
DVG62-40S38-NV .59 40 38,000 38.5 Yes
DVG62-50T42-NV .58 50 40,000 42.6 Yes

  • Both the American gas water heaters contain 1/2" gas connection and 3/4" top water connections.

  • Both the models come with a six year tank and six year parts warranty.

Performance Review

The performance of both the models of American direct vent water heaters are excellent from every angle that one can think of. They come with a host of features that makes them a viable option when one is thinking of buying a really good and a reliable hot water heater.

One of its primary features is the flammable vapor resistant combustion system that allows air for combustion to be drawn from outside the building.

The ceramic tank shield is made from a thick and a durable coat of blue ceramic, which is fused to the tank's interior surface and it forms a corrosion-resistant lining. This helps in providing protection and durability for many years to come.

In order to facilitate piping to a drain or an external point to the building, both the models of American water heaters CSA certified and ASME rated relief valve. All these features combine to take the performance of all the models to another level altogether.

Overall Views of This American Gas Water Heater

These two models of American Direct Vent water heaters are extremely durable and reliable and can function well for years to come. Both of them are designed to particularly match residential requirements.

There are a number of features that makes them absolutely safe and secure such as the 2" non-CFC polyurethane foam prevents heat loss and reduces energy cost.

The heavy-duty anode rode provides complete tank protection thereby helping extend the life of the tank. The drain valve that comes with these two models of American water heaters are child-resistant and corrosion resistant thereby ensuring further safety and even enhancing its lifecycle.

Undoubtedly, the extensive suite of features facilitates the functioning of these two models of American water heaters.