AO Smith Conservationist

This series of AO Smith Conservationist electric water heaters are known for their innovative and unique features and promise to provide a superior level of performance and yet ensures one incurs maximum energy savings.

Features Of An AO Smith Conservationist Water Heater

  • This series of water heaters are known for their highest energy factors thereby making them applicable for utility rebates.
  • These models come equipped with factory-installed heat trap components that help in reducing standby heat loss.
  • The patented Blue Diamond Glass coating offers superior corrosion resistance in comparison to the industry standard glass lining.
  • This series also comes with tamper resistant brass drain valve and ASME rated T&P relief valve.
  • Another important feature the 3 inch thick environmental friendly foam insulation that helps in reducing heat loss.
  • The patented DynaClean feature doesn’t allow sediment buildup and thereby offers maximum durability and maintains the output as well.
  • The patented 4500W Phoenix low-watt density incoloy steel that makes up the upper and lower heating elements are designed to offer a higher level of efficiency and can last longer than standard copper elements.
  • This series of AO Smith water tanks are available in both tall models and short models and in the capacities of 40, 50, 66 and 80 gallons.
  • All the models feature an energy factor rating of .95.


Highlights of the Conservationist made by AO Smith

The performance of this series of AO Smith Conservationist is absolutely commendable as it combines a host of innovative and interesting features to provide dependable and reliable hot water solutions. Made from superior quality components, this AO Smith water tank is known for their sleek design, long lasting durability, energy efficiency and superior performance.

Features such as tamper resistant brass drain valve ensures that even children are unable to open the valve. AO Smith’s PEX cross-linked polymer dip tubes are extremely durable and long lasting and offers complete resistance to thermal oxidation.

Another feature that also boasts about the superior quality and performance of this range of AO Smith water heaters is the patented DynaClean, which offers an automatic self-cleaning system thereby maximizing water output and reducing the sediment buildup.

That’s not all, even the 4500watt Phoenix heating elements are designed in a manner to last at least three times more than the standard copper elements. All these features undoubtedly combine to make this series of AO Smith Conservationist water heaters the ideal solution for residential use.

Different Models Of This AO Smith Water Tank

PXHT 40 .95 40 4500/5500 21 56
PXHT 52 .95 50 4500/5500 21 60
PXHT 66 .95 66 4500/5500 21 72
PXHT 80 .95 80 4500/5500 21 81
PXHS 40 .95 40 4500/5500 21 52
PXHS 50 .95 50 4500/5500 21 62

What Makes this AO Smith Electric Water Heater Different

This range of AO Smith Conservationist water heaters are an ideal alternative for those seeking a water heating solution that offers maximum output at all times and is completely energy efficient. The high energy efficiency rating of these water heaters ensure that one need not incur huge utility bills while using the water heater for a continuous period of time.

Besides, which the components that AO Smith uses to develop these water heaters are not only innovative but are made from quality materials thereby ensuring the water heater continues to perform for a longer period of time. Attention to detail is given to ensure these smartly designed water heaters are well protected against any kind of sediment buildup and corrosion.

The tamper resistant drain valve is completely child resistant and this makes the water heaters all the more safe and secure. All these aspects undoubtedly combine to showcase this range of AO Smith Conservationist water heaters are versatile, durable and completely appropriate for residential purposes.