AO Smith Effex Gas Water Heater

An AO Smith Effex water heater is known worldwide for their unique, distinctive and technologically advanced hot water solutions. The quality and performance of AO smith hot water heaters are unmatched and are considered one of the best in the industries.

This product line of high efficiency Effex gas water heaters are feature the unique and patented technology of pressurized combustion chamber that offers superior efficiency.

Features Offered by A O Smith Water Heaters

The Effex model’s high efficiency can be attributed to its patented system of air intake that ensures more heat is transferred to the water without wasting energy.

  • The 24V electronic controls ensure consistent hot water is delivered at all times.
  • The LCD user interface offers eye level display and is completely easy-to-read and understand the temperature settings and adjustments.
  • The powered anode rods offer excellent performance in all kinds of water conditions and they do not deplete over a period of time.
  • The brass drain valve is completely durable and tamper resistant.
  • The patented DynaClean™ diffuser dip tube does not allow lime and sediment build up and also increases the hot water output.

Specifications of AO Smith Water Heaters 50 Gallons or 40 Gallons

  • An Effex AO Smith gas water heater is an Energy Star® Qualified and therefore ensures energy savings.
  • AO smith water heaters 50 gallons size is offered as well as a 40 gallon model.
  • There is a choice of between 3 or 4 vent connection with this particular model of AO Smith hot water heater.
  • The water connection location is situated at the top.
  • The maximum BTU natural gas water heater models is 40000.
  • The Effex series under A O Smith water heaters comes with a 6 year tank warranty and 6 year parts warranty.
  • It features an energy factor of 0.7.

Overall Performance

The performance of Effix series is undoubtedly one of the best considering it uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure clean and continuous hot water is provided at all times.

The specialized system of air intake increases the efficiency of this particular A O Smith water heaters series. It works on the principal of pushing air through the combustion cavity therefore creating a pressurized environment.

This pressurized environment does create ‘turbo charge’ effect and this further pushes the flue design to slow down the hot gas that travels through the water heater. This complete procedure ensures that more heat is transferred to the water heater and in the process energy wasted is considerably less.

Effex High Efficiency Water Heater Final Word

There is a long list of innovative and unique features associated with the Effex line of A O Smith water heaters that make it the ideal option for those looking for energy efficient and high performance water heater.

With an energy factor of 0.7, you are guaranteed to save up to 75% on water heating costs. The electronic ignition with no standing point removes issues with pilot relight.

As one of the finest brands of AO Smith hot water tanks, installation of this particular appliance is also extremely easy, as it can conveniently plug into standard 110/120V outlets.

This AO Smith Effex water heater also features patented Eco-Friendly Green Choice® gas burner that helps in reducing NOx emissions by almost 33% in comparison to standard burners. With so many features, it isn’t surprising that this particular series of AO Smith water heaters 50 gallons or 40 gallons are touted as one of the best appliances in the industry.