AO Smith ProMax Water Heater GCV

The AO Smith ProMax water heater offers you an exquisite range of water heating solutions, all this is due to the great innovations and engineering marvels behind its production. All AO Smith residential water heaters are ideal for large families where there is a great demand for hot water.

They are equipped with C3 Technology that protects against ignition of any kind of flammable vapors; the ProMax 300 series therefore provides you with excellent safety mechanisms. It uses a Piezo ignitor and therefore there’s absolutely no need of matches in the use of this AO Smith residential water heaters.

Description of the A.O Smith ProMax water heater:

  • The A.O. Smith provides you with a wide range of heating solutions – its models allow you to opt for gas utility rebates thereby reducing your overall expenditure; high output and suitable for families that need plenty of hot water.
  • Each and every AO Smith ProMax water heater is engineered specifically to ensure you savings as well as reliability.
  • Safety mechanisms in-place are exceptional – C3 technology helps protect your home as well as your water heater from accidental ignition of any flammable vapors that may be present around your water heater.
  • The use of DynaClean II ensures protection from all types of sediment build-up- therefore not only increases the lifespan of your heater but also reduces your maintenance costs.


AO Smith Promax GCV water heaters review:

The AO Smith residential water heaters are built especially to suit large families wherein there is a great need of hot water. All these water heaters are engineering marvels, and are built so perfectly to provide you maximum efficiency, and thereby lower your energy bills. The ProMax 300 series is surely the most reliable water heater ever produced.

The ProMax 300 series doesn’t just meet safety standards – they exceed them by a whole mile – they make use of state-of-the-art C3 Technology, which protects the heater from any accidental ignition of flammable vapours.

They also have specially designed ProMax SL ’Side Loop’ models that are designed in such a way so as to handle a dual process – water heating as well as space heating within your home. No more worries about the use of matches as the ProMax 300 like most of the AO Smith water heaters use a Piezo ignitor to light up the burners.

These water heaters are completely maintenance free; they use DynaClean II system to protect the water heater from lime as well as other sediment build-ups. Each of these water heaters is environmentally friendly as they make use of Ultra Low NOx burner technology, thereby reducing emissions by up to 33%.

AO Smith Residential Gas Water Heaters – ProMax
GCV-30 67 .61 30 35,500 32,000 36 1”
GCV-40 70 .59 40 40,000 36,000 41 1”
GCV-50 88 .58 50 40,000 37,000 41 1”
GCVL-30 60 .61 30 35,500 32,000 36 1”
GCVL-40 66 .59 40 40,000 37,000 41 1”

AO Smith residential water heaters are meant for you:

The AO Smith Promax water heaters surely are the best when it comes to high demand; therefore they are ideal for large families. Due to the use of Ultra Low NOx burner technology, these water heaters provide you great efficiency and at the same time are environmentally friendly. Each AO Smith Promax water heater comes along with inbuilt C3 Technology to ensure the safety of your home as well as the water heater.