AO Smith Vertex Gas Water Heater

AO Smith Vertex water heaters standout due to the perfect combination it offers in terms of efficiency, innovation and years of in-depth expertise. This product line of Vertex gas water heaters offers two innovative models – Power Vent and Power Direct Vent.

Features Offered of Vertex AO Smith Water Heaters

The need for higher demand appliances are increasing and these Vertex high-efficiency water heaters offers a combination of advanced internal heat exchanger along with A.O Smith’s Cyclone commercial design.

  • The thermal efficiency offered is almost 90%, which ensures more money is saved.
  • The complete condensing design ensures that continuous hot water is provided at all times. The hot water output is any day much more than 75 gallon units.
  • It is extremely easy to install this AO gas heater smith water connections.
  • Since the vents use PVC pipe, therefore it offers immense flexibility and removes the effort and expense of mental venting.
  • It comes with an LCD that features an easy to understand menu offering unit operating information, diagnostics and temperature control.
  • The durable and long lasting Polymer Diffuser Dip Tube can tolerate and handle well exposure to water up to 400°F.

This line of A.O. Smith water heaters comes with the patented Commercial Grade PermaGlas® Ultra Coat™Glass Lining, which helps in protecting the tank and heat exchanger from corrosion and leaks.

Specifications For A Vertex AO Smith Water Heater

  • Both Power Vent and Power Direct Vent come with a capacity of 50 gallon and feature two vent connections.
  • The maximum BTU offered by Power Vent is 76000 and by Power Direct Vent it is 100000.
  • The kind of vent material being used is PVC, CPVC or ABS.
  • The rate at which the water output takes place in the first hour of delivery is 127 through Power Vent and it is 164 through Power Direct Vent.
  • Both the models come with 6-year tank warranty and 6-year parts warranty.


Performance Of An AO Gas Heater, Smith Water Power Direct Vent and Power Vent Models

Nowadays there exist a demand for appliances that can offer advanced water heating solutions and this line of AO Smith Vertex water heaters perfectly matches the increasing demands with its unique technology and performance.

Delivering continuous hot water are the two models Power Vent and Power Direct Vent. Both feature the innovative technology of Cyclone commercial design and high efficiency internal heat exchanger. This makes it possible for this line of AO Smith hot water heaters to perform exceptionally well at all times while ensuring maximum energy savings.

Though these water heater appliances are designed to cater to increasing demands it is best suited to a residential environment rather than a large commercial environment. At the most small to mid size commercial environment can use this AO Smith water heater to their advantage.

Final Reasons To Choose Vertex A.O.Smith Water Heaters

There are many reasons on why one should choose this particular brand and model of water heater and one of them is the advanced technology being used. The helical shaped internal heat exchanger offers a better heat transfer surface because it is completely soaked in water.

The condensate outlet ensures the flue condensate is conveniently drained and doesn’t create any kind of a mess. All these features do combine to make these Vertex AO Smith water heaters an ideal option.