Conservationist Water Heater

AO Smith Conservationist water heater is known to offer complete reliability and maximum energy efficiency due to its patented system. This gas water heater is guaranteed to offer optimum performance for years to come without giving any kind of a problem. If one is looking for a long lasting, durable and absolutely energy efficiency water heating system then this is the perfect choice.

Gas Conservationist Water Heater – 50 Gallons and 40 Gallons Sizes

  • AO Smith Conservationist Water Heating system features the patented Blue Diamond® glass coating.
  • The unit is FVIR compliant, which means it offers protection against accidental ignition of flammable vapors.
  • The environmental friendly gas burner helps in minimizing the NOx emissions by almost 33%.
  • The unit is also fitted with ’no match’ pilot ignition.
  • This unit also utilized a non-direct vent system that helps in eliminating exhaust gases, which are created due to the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Only available in capacities of 40 or a water heater 50 gallons in size.
  • It offers an energy factor of 0.62 or 0.63 thereby ensuring one is able to enjoy energy efficient performance.
  • Depending on the gallon capacity, the first hour delivery is at 70 or 88.
  • The input BTU for this series of water heater is about 40,000 units.
  • This AO Smith water heater comes with a 10 year tank warranty and 10 year parts warranty.

A.O. Smith Water Heater Conservationist Performance Review

The performance of this series of AO Smith Conservationist water heaters is undoubtedly extremely superior, as it is packed with a bunch of interesting features. These features ensure the unit is able to provide reliable and long lasting service for years to come and one wouldn’t find the need to invest in another water heater for quite sometime.

Considering the company is offering a 10 year warranty, this itself depicts on how confident the company is about offering superior quality water heater made from quality grade components. Most of the features are truly remarkable that ensure this water heater will provide efficient and smooth service without requiring any kind of maintenance.

The patented Blue Diamond® glass coating helps in offering more than twice the corrosion resistance in comparison to the industry standard protective glass lining used. This means that the unit is well protected from any kind of corrosion and thereby ensuring the unit cannot be damaged.

Another patented process that it uses is DynaClean™ II system that helps in protecting the water heater from any kind of sediment and lime buildup. This further protects and helps in enhancing its overall durability. All these factors combine to make this an apt water heater for residential consumption, but it would not be ideal for heavy-duty commercial applications.

AO Smith Water Heaters – Conservationist, Gas
XGV-40 70 .63 40 40,000 41 Yes 36,000
XGV-50 88 .62 50 40,000 41 Yes 37,000


AO Smith Conservationist gas water heaters is perfect for those looking to buy a water heater that would work for years on end without giving any kind of a trouble.

With a really long life span and packed with a suite of interesting features, this water heater is apt for residential consumption. This unit is designed to support the requirements of at least 2 to 3 bathrooms simultaneously, available in 40 gallons and also a water heater 50 gallons in size .

What make it different are the patented processes of DynaClean™ II system and Blue Diamond® glass coating that offer much more protection to this water-heating unit. For instance, the DynaClean™ II doesn’t allow sediment buildup and therefore the water heater is able to store more water and thereby produce more output. The patented glass lining offers twice the more protection from corrosion and therefore this particular series of AO Smith Conservationist water heaters are absolutely apt and perfect in every sense.