Hot Water Heater Bradford White - Light Duty TTW® Defender Safety System® Models and Non-Defender Energy Saver

Hot Water Heater Bradford White power vent light duty TTW defender safety system and non-defender energy saver offers immense flexibility during the installation.

These models can be vented through the wall through the usage of PVC, CPVC or ABS pipes. This series of Bradford White water heaters are available in three models that are available in 48, 65 and 75 gallon capacities. They offer a suite of features that contribute towards making them high energy efficient and durable systems.

A Hot Water Heater Power Vent Includes:

  • All the three models offer BTU rating of between 65,000 to 76,000BTU per hour.

  • The models contain flammable vapor sensor that stops the burner from operating if it detects flammable vapors.

  • The advanced flame arrestor design doesn't allow ignition of flammable vapor outside the water heater tank.

  • The sight window allows one to see into the combustion chamber and monitor the operation of the burner and the pilot.

  • All the models feature blower motor that allows the water heater to vent even in difficult venting situations.

  • The gas power vent water heater is also fitted with an advance Honeywell self diagnostic electronic gas control that offers enhanced performance and advanced temperature control system.

  • The non-CFC foam insulation surrounds the top and the sides of the tank and helps in reducing heat loss thereby increasing operating efficiencies.

  • The factory installed heat traps features a flexible disk that minimizes heat loss in the piping.

  • The hot water heater power vent also offers the flexibility of horizontal and vertical venting.

  • The special Vitraglas lining covers the tank with ceramic porcelain like coating that protects the water heater from the corrosive effects of extremely hot water.

A Gas Power Vent Water Heater Review

A hot water heater Bradford White Light Duty TTW Defender Safety System and Non-Defender Energy Saver are designed to offer a robust, sturdy and energy efficient system for commercial applications. Made from quality grade components, a large number of features make this series of hot water heater, power vent, apt to meet the challenging demands of commercial applications.

There are a number of specialized features that ensure the water heater continues to offer a superior level of service for years to come. For instance, the protective magnesium anode rod helps save the water heater from any kind of corrosion while the Vitraglas lining protects the tank from the corrosive effects of hot water. These are just some of the reasons why it would be a wise decision to invest in this particular model of hot water heater Bradford White designed.

For Propane(LP) models, change 'B' to 'S' and 'N' to 'X'.
For 5 year warranty, change '3' to '5'.
Light Duty TTW®4 Energy Saver Models
Model Capacity Recovery Natural Gas Propane Recovery 90°F Rise Gallons
Number Efficiency BTU/Hr. Input BTU/Hr. Input Nat. GPH LP GPH
TW4-50S-67FB-3N 48 80% 67,000 60,000 65 58
TW4-65S-70FB-3N 65 80% 70,000 63,000 68 61
TW4-75S-76B-3N 75 80% 76,000 75,500 74 73

What Gas Power Vent Water Heater Should You Decide On?

This series of Bradford White water heaters are designed to offer innovative technology and energy efficient performance thereby ensuring one doesn't incur huge utility bills. One is guaranteed to enjoy exceptional performance for years to come due to the quality grade components used in the construction of this water heater.

The intelligent Honeywell diagnostics helps in accurately monitoring the temperature and other settings. The Pilot On Indication displays green LED that depicts the pilot is on. The intelligent diagnostics offers 10 different diagnostics codes that help in the time of troubleshooting.

All these features undoubtedly combine to make this particular series of hot water heater Bradford White, power vent, light duty defender safety system models and non-defender energy saver models an ideal alternative for commercial applications.