NEXT Hybrid Gas – A.O. Smith Water Heaters

A.O. Smith water heaters NEXT hybrid gas is extremely unique and innovative that has been specifically designed to perform impeccably. This series of water heaters feature the hybrid technology where it uses the patented heat transfer process.

This hybrid series of A.O. Smith water heaters are designed to offer 90% thermal efficiency and handle the demands of hot water instantly.

The NEXT Generation In Hybrid Water Heaters

  • A.O. Smith NEXT hybrid gas water heaters features a tankless design yet meets the demands of high hot water needs for continuous periods of time.
  • This series of water heaters are designed to offer 90% thermal efficiency.
  • This innovative unit removes sudden disruption in hot water delivery.
  • This unit features interactive controls that features multiple lifestyle modes and thereby ensures the unit can be monitored effectively.
  • The unit is designed in a manner that it can be easily installed and features an extremely simple installation procedure.
  • This hybrid series of water heaters feature a water flow sensor that helps in detecting the flow of the water.
  • The heat exchanger is fitted with energy cut out temperature switch, which automatically switches on in case of an unprecedented increase in the temperature.
  • The water heater contains an adjustable thermostat that enables one to monitor and control water temperature.


Performance Review

A.O. Smith Hybrid series of water heaters are designed to offer the best of tankless and conventional water heating systems. It combines the best of technologies from both these type of water heaters.

This series of A.O. Smith NEXT Hybrid water heaters offer a patented heat transfer process that uses another heat exchanger. This heat exchanger helps to confine the heated flue gas and then send it back through a buffer tank thereby ensuring it is able to take out additional heat.

Since it blends the advantages of two different technologies thereby the Hybrid water heater is a far more advanced version that offers complete energy efficiency. Equipped with a wide range of features, NEXT Hybrid offers great performance and at affordable costs.

There are many advantages attached to using this type of water heater since it can perform like a tankless and yet meet the high hot water demands that one expects from a conventional water heater. The compact and sleek design ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space and can be installed easily anywhere.

In fact the complete installation process is also much more simpler and doesn’t take much time for the initial setup. All the advantages add up to the fact that A.O. Smith Next Hybrid water heater is the answer to countering water heating problems in the future.

Specifications The A.O.Smith Hybrid Gas Water Heater

HYB-90N 189 121 100,000 NAT 4.2 1.05 120/60 2.5

The Advantage Of An Hybrid Water Heater

Combining the best of two technologies and capitalizing on their respective strengths is the A.O. Smith series of NEXT Hybrid hot water heaters. Unique and distinctive are definitely its plus points considering it offers the best of tankless as well as conventional water heaters.

A set of innovative features makes it all the more desirable because it is extremely easy to install and use. The advanced features ensure that one can enjoy hassle free performance for years to come and not even worry about incurring huge energy bills.

A.O Smith NEXT Gas water heaters are designed to offer 90% thermal efficiency and it is even applicable for tax credit. All these features combine to make this series of A.O. Smith Hybrid Gas water heaters a must buy for those keen on innovative water heating solutions.