Promax Direct Vent Water Heater

The direct vent water heater produced by A.O. Smith in the ProMax Specialty Vent line are designed in a manner that they can be installed anywhere.

This series of water heaters are manufactured in a way that they offer vent up to 40 feet and this means they offer a wide scope of flexibility when it comes to easy installation. This particular water heater is ideal for residences where there exists a problem with indoor installation and within 80 inches of an outside wall.

ProMax Specialty Vent – Direct Vent Features


  • This series of direct vent water heaters are fitted with a two-pipe combustion, which avoids the need of indoor ventilation.
  • This series of water heaters are FVIR compliant, which means it protects the unit from any kind of accidental ignition of inflammable vapors.
  • The environmental friendly gas burner ensures that the water heater emits less emission.
  • All the models offer air intake and venting up to 80 inches and do not require electrical power.
  • The units are also equipped with the functionality of ′no match′ pilot ignition.
  • The models are available in gallon capacities ranging between 40 to 75 gallons.
  • The energy factor for all the models ranges between 0.59 and 0.62.
  • The BTU rate varies anywhere between 38,000 and 55,000 for all the different models.
  • The GDVT-50 allows for a same size tank to heat up at a rate of up to 16% more in one hour over the GDV-50, if thats what you require.

How does this Direct Vent Model Stand Up?

The performance of this series of A.O. Smith water heaters is quite exceptional considering they are designed to offer a host of benefits for the complete family.

The two-pipe combustion system help in attracting air from outside the home and thereby remove any limitations that one expects with indoor ventilation. The water heater units featuring horizontal design facilitate venting and air intake almost up to 80 inches from the outside wall and the best aspect about this feature is that it doesn’t require any kind of electricity power.

This direct vent makes it much more easier for those who do not have any kind of indoor ventilation at their homes. This is indeed quite a big advantage that comes with this series of AO Smith water heaters.

The patented DynaClean™ diffuser dip tube helps in enhancing the life of the water heater. These factors contribute largely towards making this series of water heaters from AO Smith one of the best alternatives in the industry.

A.O. Smith Water Heaters – ProMax Specialty Vent – Direct Vent Models
GDV-40 * 73 .62 40 38,000 41 NO
GDV-50 87 .60 50 42,000 45 NO
GDVT-50 88 .59 50 50,000 55 NO
GDV-75 131 .59 75 55,000 60 NO
* Energy Star® qualified. 6-YEAR LIMITED TANK & PARTS WARRANTY All Models Have 2” Foam Cavity.

A.O. Smith Specialty Vent – Direct Vent Water Heater A Good Choice?

There are many different kinds of water heaters available in the industry and often the dilemma is which model to choose. AO Smith ProMax Specialty vent makes it convenient and easy with its series of a wide range of models.

This series of direct vent models come with two-pipe combustion system that relies on air from outside instead of depending on indoor ventilation. This makes it apt for homes that have a problem with indoor ventilation.

Besides which the assortment of features lend numerous benefits to this series of A.O. Smith water heaters. The mark of a good water heater is the ability to provide durable and long lasting service and it should be completely safe and secure.

One also prefers a tank that requires minimum maintenance and therefore this series of A.O. Smith direct vent water heaters fit the bill completely.