ProMax Plus High Recovery Water Heater

A.O. Smith ProMax Plus High Recovery gas water heaters offer a variety of models designed to meet specific water heating demands. This series offers a host of features that makes it one of the most viable options when it comes to selecting the right kind of water heater.

Engineered to offer safe, secure and reliable performance, AO Smith ProMax Plus high recovery water heaters are perfect for residential consumption where large quantities of hot water is required at all times.

Key Features on the High Recovery Water Heaters

  • This series of high recovery gas water heaters from AO Smith are designed to offer hot water up to 150 gallons during the first hour.
  • The unit is fitted with an anode rod that ensures the unit is secured from any kind of corrosion.
  • These tanks are also equipped with environmental friendly gas burner that helps in minimizing NOx emissions by almost 33%.
  • The C3 technology protects the water heater from flammable vapors being accidentally ignited.
  • The energy factor for various models can range anywhere between 0.57 and 0.60.
  • The input BTU unit for this series of AO Smith ProMax Plus water heaters is between 50,000 and 75,100 BTU

A.O. Smith Promax Hot Water Heater – High Efficiency

The performance of this series of A.O. Smith ProMax high recovery water heaters is undoubtedly remarkable considering the models are designed to suit certain requirements. Some of the models are high recovery models that are perfect for families requiring large amount of water and then there are models that qualify for gas utility rebates.

The units are fitted with quality grade components thereby ensuring the water heaters are absolutely safe, secure and reliable to use for long periods of time. This series of water heaters are designed to offer a superior level of performance for years to come since they contain an anode rod with stainless steel core that gives the unit that much more protection and prevents any kind of corrosion.

These factors help in ensuring the product is well protected and can be used for many years to come. This series of AO smith ProMax water heaters are ideal for residential consumption, but it wouldn’t be suitable for commercial applications.

Promax Plus High Recovery Water Heater
GCVT-40 300 75 .60 40 50,000 51 Yes 45,000
GCVT-50 100 90 .58 48 50,000 51 Yes 45,000
GCVX-50 100 93 .58 50 65,000 67 Yes 55,000
GCV-65 100 116 .57 65 65,000 67 Yes 62,500
FCG-75* 300 N/A N/A 74 75,100 81 N/A N/A
FCG-100* 300 N/A N/A 98 75,100 81 N/A N/A

* Not equipped with FVIR technology. For 75 and 100 gallon models add SMR “S19” for high altitude versions. FVIR 100 models are certified upto 7,700 ft. and FVIR 300 models upto 10,100 ft. elevations. * To change to 10 year tank and 6 years parts warranty change “G” to “X” or “F” to”P” in FCG models.

High Recovery Gas Water Heater – Last Word

There are a number of different kinds of water heaters available, but what gives this series of AO Smith ProMax Plus water heaters a different dimension is the fact that these models are extremely versatile. There are some models that are specifically meant for the purpose of meeting the demands of large quantities of hot water for residences while some models even qualify for certain rebates.

The flexibility this series offers gives customers the opportunity to choose the model that would fit in with their specific requirements. In this manner they can choose the model that would be apt for their residential consumption.

While this is one of the important aspects of this series of AO Smith ProMax Plus water heaters, it is not the only one. The features that this complete series presents is excellent considering it is designed to last for years to come due to its patented technology of preventing any kind of corrosion. Made from quality grade components, this series of AO Smith ProMax Plus water heaters are a winner in every sense.