ProMax Ultra Low NOx Water Heaters

ProMax Ultra low nox features the ultra low now burner that emits fewer emissions. The low nox water heater offers reduced emission of the pollutant NoX, thus resulting in a cleaner running heater.

GCNH models make use of a unique burner system along with excess air and heat to meet Air Quality Management standards. The low nox water heater is designed according to FVIR (Flammable Vapour Ignition Resistant) standards. This means that they have a smoother ignition and provides safety features to ensure that the combustible vapours are safely burnt inside the sealed chamber.

Features Of The Low NOx Water Heater:

  • The ProMax ultra low NOx models have an intelligent control logic technology that enables the inbuilt microprocessor to provide better operation and precise sensing for faster heating, thus optimizing performance.
  • The GCNH models have a self–powered electronic gas valve that uses a thermopile to generate its own power.
  • It has a LED indicator to monitor the operation and service diagnostics.
  • FVIR compliant design means that it is equipped with a flame arrestor to safely burn exposed gases inside the sealed chamber.
  • The state of the art diffuser dip tube helps it to reduce the build up of sediment and lime in the tank, thus maximising hot water output.
  • Accessories that are available include expansion tanks and pump tanks. Each accessory comes with its own inbuilt safety features and performance enhancing technology.
  • Coregard anode rod provides enhanced resistance to corrosion of the tank.
  • An enhanced gas burner design maximizes long life and provides exceptional safety.


Promax Low NOx Water Heater Review:

The GNCH models are available in different capacities that can range between 30 to 50 gallons. The numbers in this category correspond to the gallon capacity of the heaters. The gcnh heaters are made in a manner to suit large families that have a higher requirement of hot water.

All the models are excellently engineered to deliver optimum performance with great efficiency. They have a number of built in safety features that make them very safe to operate even in a home environment.

These models also feature ProMax SL “Side Loop”, which makes it possible to handle dual outputs such as water heating along with interior heating of the house. They come with an inbuilt push button piezo ignitor for instant ignition.

A.O. Smith Residential Gas Water Heater
ProMax Ultra Low NOx
GCV-30 67 .61 30 35,500 32,000 36 1”
GCV-40 70 .59 40 40,000 36,000 41 1”
GCV-50 88 .58 50 40,000 37,000 41 1”
GCVL-30 60 .61 30 35,500 32,000 36 1”
GCVL-40 66 .59 40 40,000 37,000 41 1”

Promax Ultra Low NOx Models Are The Perfect Alternative:

The low nox water heater is an ideal alternative where exists a need for a continuous demand of hot water supply especially in large homes. Since the special burner technology is being utilized, hence these gcnh models provide superior efficiency as well as it is environmentally friendly.

Each heater is designed according to FVIR standards, thus providing excellent safety against accidental explosions of free gases. They also have a number of accessories such as expansion tanks and pump tanks to increase the performance of the heater. Given all these benefits and features, the ultra low nox heater is definitely a good choice if you live in a large family.