Promax Water Heater

The A.O. Smith ProMax water heater produces a High Efficiency series of models that are designed to offer a distinctive suite of features.

They are engineered to provide a wide range of benefits such as high-energy efficiency and thereby reduction in the overall utility costs. All these factors contribute brilliantly towards making this series one of the most superior performance water heaters.

Details On This High efficiency Gas Water Heater

  • This series of water heaters from AO Smith are engineered to provide exceptional reliability and long-term durability.
  • The C3 technology helps protect these water heaters from any kind of inflammable vapors being accidentally ignited.
  • The unit is also equipped with FVIR that helps to protect the water heater from the accidental ignition of any kind of flammable vapors.
  • This series of water heaters also qualify for most of the rebate programs as well thereby ensuring one gets to save money on their bills.
  • The unit comes equipped with a ’no match pilot’ ignition.
  • There are some models that are made in a manner, which makes them manage water heating as well as space heating.
  • The BTU units that this series of water heaters offer range anywhere between 35,500 and 40,000.
  • This series of hot water heaters, high efficiency, are available in the gallon capacities of 30 to 50 gallons.

A.O. Smith Promax Hot Water Heater – High Efficiency

The performance of this series of AO Smith ProMax water heaters is commendable from every respect. It is designed to offer a suite of features that ensure this particular unit continues to function exceptionally for years to come. Made from quality grade components, AO Smith ProMax high efficiency gas water heaters are designed to offer an extremely high level of durability and reliability, thereby making it one of the most robust water heaters in the industry.

The FVIR helps in ensuring the unit is completely saved from the chances of inflammable vapors being ignited accidentally. Undoubtedly these factors help in ensuring that this series of hot water heaters, high efficiency, are well protected and safe for the complete family to use.

The availability of different models also ensures that one gets to choose the model that they are most comfortable with and the one that would suit their requirements perfectly. Therefore the ProMax water heaters are designed to meet the high demands of hot water requirement is apt for all kinds of residential consumption.

Promax Water Heater – High Efficiency, Gas
GVR-30 200/201 67 .62 30 35,500 36 Yes 32,000
GVR-40 200/201 70 .62 40 40,000 41 Yes 36,000
GVR-50 200/201 88 .62 40 40,000 41 Yes 37,000
GVRL-40 202/203 67 .62 40 40,000 41 Yes 36,000
All Models are ENERGY STAR® QUALIFIED * To change to 10 year tank and 6 years parts warranty change “G” to “X”

One Of The Best High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters!

There are different kinds of water heaters in the market and deciding to choose the right one can be quite a dilemma sometimes. Therefore it becomes extremely important that one selects a water heater, which matches with their respective requirements.

This series of AO Smith ProMax High Efficiency gas water heaters are available in different models thereby offering that much more flexibility to choose the right kind of model.

There are some models that concentrate completely on the high efficiency factor while there are some models that are qualified for rebates. Therefore, deciding to choose the model that suits one purpose is extremely important and AO Smith makes it easier by offering a range of different models.

They are all fitted with quality grade components that ensure they can lasts for a long time and offer an exceptional level of performance for years to come. AO Smith ProMax water heaters are applicable if one is planning to buy a water heater for their home.