Rheem Tankless Water Heater – RTG-95

The Rheem tankless gas water heater 95 series is ideal for those who need hot water on demand. Due to the use of New! Next Generation Burner Technology these water heaters are very efficient and provide you high outputs on little investment.

The Rheem RTG-95 consists of the Direct Vent indoor series as well as the Outdoor series – both of them providing you high efficiency. They can be used for all purposes as the minimum flow rate is suitable even for a kitchen sink. For high demand they can be connected in series thereby making them ideal for use almost anywhere.

Description Of The Rheem 95 series:
The Rheem RTG-95 uses the new and improved Next Generation Burner technology.

The minimum flow rate being just 0.40 GPM can be used almost everywhere.

Energy efficiency is ensured due to the presence of a 10 feet thermostat wire.

With the help of EZ-Link cable you can now add up to two tankless units and let them operate as one entity.

They deliver you on demand hot water; they save on space as well as ensure you long life and are completely reliable.

Great digital settings to show you temperature settings as well as maintenance codes.

They use Ultra Low NOx burners and are therefore environmentally friendly; also they are provided with an inbuilt electric blower.

Even in extreme cold they are very suitable as they ensure you freeze protection of up to -30° F

The GDVT-50 allows for a same size tank to heat up at a rate of up to 16% more in one hour over the GDV-50, if thats what you require.
Rheem 95 Series Overview
Rheem tankless gas water heaters have everything to make them the best – the presence of the New! Next generation Burner Technology ensures you maximum savings, as well as fast outputs; Due to a fairly low minimum flow rate they are suitable almost anywhere including your kitchen sink.

The Rheem 95 series is built for high demand and up to two Rheem tankless Gas 95 water heaters can be connected in series. These water heaters have a compact design and don’t just save you space, they act like a showpiece in your house.

With the Rheem 95 series you don’t need to worry about maintenance as the Self Diagnostic System is present – reduces your troubleshooting costs. The controls of these water heaters are backed by fabulous technology, thereby saving you energy and at the same time ensuring you safety.

The Rheem RTG-95 comes in two models, the outdoor as well as indoor. The features of both are exactly the same and both deliver hot water on demand. They both possess an integrated condensate collector within their vent system.

Rheem RTG-95 Series For 2+ Bathroom Homes
RTG-95DVN 11,000- 199,000 INDOOR Direct Vent 85° to 140°F .26/.40 4.3 7.4 9.5 3/4 3/4 .82
RTGH-95XN 11,000- 199,000 OUTDOOR 85° to 140°F .26/.40 4.3 7.4 9.5 3/4 3/4 .82

Rheem RTG-95 the best available?
The Rheem tankless gas water heaters are the best tankless water heaters available, they provide you plenty of excellent features as well as reduce your costs – The presence of an inbuilt electric blower and Next Generation Burner Technology makes these water heaters pretty efficient, therefore saving you plenty in the long run. The extra-long life of the Rheem tankless water heaters along with its unique features make it the favourite choice of most buyers.