Richmond Tankless Water Heater 95 Direct Vent Indoor/Outdoor

Richmond Tankless Water Heater, Encore H95 is designed to offer continuous hot water for at least 3 bathroom homes.

Featuring a host of innovative features, Richmond Model 95 direct vent can be installed both indoor and outdoors and its extensive features ensure it offers a high level of superior performance.

Quick Description Of A Richmond Encore H95

  • This series of Richmond tankless water heaters are designed to offer 94% energy efficiency through its condensing heat exchanger.

  • The unit also contains direct vent system with two pipes that has been specifically designed for PVC.

  • This high efficiency gas water heater also comes fitted with an EZ-Link cable that allows one to link together two units and makes them operate as one.

  • It comes with a space saving design that ensures continuous hot water is delivered and is completely compact.

  • This unit is designed in a manner that it can also be installed at high altitude locations of up to 9,840 ft.

  • A Richmond tankless water heater comes equipped with a set of intelligent electronic controls that are designed specifically to enhance the safety and energy efficiency of the unit.

  • This series of water heaters also offer a digital display that shows both temperature settings and maintenance codes.

  • The unit also comes with a built-in electric blower and is also supplied with a 120-volt power cord.

  • A Richmond Encore is designed to offer freezer protection of up to -30°F.

  • This model is equipped with an advanced self-diagnostics system.

Richmond Tankless Gas Water Heater Overview

The performance of this series of high efficiency gas water heaters from Richmond is quite amazing because it is extremely energy efficient and designed to offer a large number of benefits. Compact and sleek in design, this series of high efficiency gas water heaters offers models that can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

The unit is known for its 94% efficiency, which is made possible through its condensing heat exchanger. This means that this water heater is designed to offer complete energy efficiency and therefore ensuring one gets to save on operational costs.

Another aspect that showcases this is one of the best product in the industry is the flow rate that it offers where the minimum flow rate is .26 GPM and the minimum activation flow rate is .40 GPM. The water heater is also equipped with a set of advanced features, which makes it all the more efficient and also enhances its overall durability.

For Propane change the "N" with "P" when ordering.
Richmond Encore H95 - High Efficiency Gas Water Heater
Description Features Dimensions
Gas Input
Type Energy
GPM @35°
Rise Max.
GPM @45°
Rise Max.
GPM @77°
Rise Max.
Height Width Depth Vent
RMTGH-95DVN 11,000-
INDOOR .94 85° to
9.5 8.4 4.9 3/4” 3/4” 27 1/2” 18 1/2” 9 3/4” 3” PVC
RMTGH-95XN 11,000-
OUTDOOR .94 85° to
9.5 8.4 4.9 3/4” 3/4” 27 1/2” 18 1/2” 9 3/4” N/A

In Need Of A High Efficiency Gas Water Heater?

Richmond Model 95 Direct Vent tankless gas is a model that can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Richmond Encore provides a compact and an efficient solution in the form of this model that provides a constant supply of energy-efficient hot water as and when needed.

This particular unit is designed to offer complete convenience to the customers as it is much smaller than a conventional water heater but has the power to deliver maximum hot water output.

Its suite of advanced features makes it worthwhile to easily manage and monitor the system's diagnostics and temperature settings. It is also designed to meet the demands of large applications, as Richmond model 95 allows one to easily connect two tankless units so that it can operate as one.

The unit also comes equipped with a digital remote control and 10 ft. of thermostat wire is also included. All these features combine to make Richmond Tankless Water Heater Encore H95 is an ideal alternative for those looking for an affordable yet energy efficient solution.