Richmond Water Heaters

Richmond water heaters offer the finest range of water heating solutions that are designed to offer complete value for money and meet all kinds of diverse consumer demands. Superior and latest technology is used to offer extremely durable and long lasting water heaters. The industry leader Rheem® manufactures Richmond water heaters and has for years been providing innovative range of water heaters.

Rheem is the manufacturer of Richmond hot water heaters, which was founded in the mid-1920s and it was sometime in 1936 that the company started to produce water heating solutions. Rheem is the industry leader that offers complete water heating solutions for both residential and commercial requirements.

Richmond Water Heater Reviews
The expansive product range of Richmond water heaters can broadly be classified into Residential and Commercial water heaters where each of the category serve a distinctive purpose.
Residential Gas
In describing the difference in tanks one begins with the warranty, the longer the warranty the more sturdy the tank and self cleaning properties it has. The Heavy Duty models have quicker recoveries, as well as better insulation. The ultra low NOx reduce the amount of emissions given off. Direct Vent use outside air for combustion and Power Direct Vent uses a blower for water heaters that are further away from an outside source of combustible air.

Modular Ultra Low NOx
This environmental friendly series of Richmond water heaters feature the integrated FVIR system and are known for offering high performance.

Richmond 9 Year Self-Cleaning with Integra™
This 9 year model comes with EverKleen self-cleaning system and 76% recovery efficiency.

Power Direct Vent
This model is FVIR compliant thereby requiring minimum maintenance and features integrated self-diagnostic system.

Mobile Home Gas
Specifically designed for mobile homes, this range of Richmond water heaters feature Piezo ignition system.

Model 6 Year
This 6 year limited warranty Richmond water heater features energy saving low input pilot.

Model 6 Year Heavy Duty
This heavy-duty model is designed specifically for high volume and comes with large tank capacities.

Power Vent with Electronic Control
This series of Richmond water heaters come with convenient electronic controls.

Richmond 12 Year Self-Cleaning with Interga™
This 12 year model comes with a fast recovery and heavy duty anode rod for offering long lasting durability.

Mobile Home Direct Vent
It is specifically designed for manufactured housing and offers 76% recovery efficiency.

Heavy Duty Power Vent
This heavy duty model features flammable vapor detection sensor self-diagnostic system.

Direct Vent
This model comes with foam insulation that helps in heat retention and features low input pilot.

Power Vent
This particular Richmond hot water heater features flammable vapor detection that automatically disables heater in case of vapor accumulation.

Power Vent Ultra Low NOx
Environmental friendly, this model comes with flammable vapor detection sensor.

Residential Electric
Once again the longer the warranty the more advanced the tank is in durability and performance. The electric line of water heaters offer smaller water heaters than gas, including point-of use and table top models that can provide more counter space.

Model 12 Year
This 12 year model is available in multiple capacities and features superior foam insulation.

Model 6 Year Electric
Faster recovery is ensured with dual 4500 watt heating elements and features patented resistor design.

Model 6 Year Utility
This model comes with easily accessible thermostat adjustments and factory installed temperature.

Model 9 Year Electric
This model is fitted with heavy duty anode rod that provides complete tank protection.

Model Lifetime
This particular electric Richmond water heater comes with a non-metallic tank and jacket.

Mobile Home Electric
Specifically designed for manufactured housing, this model includes durable high temperature dip tube.

Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater
This particular model features space saving design and therefore it can be installed in limited spaces.

Model Table Top
The compact design offers more portability and comes with patented resistor design heating elements.

Residential Tankless Gas
Richmond Tankless Water Heater- H95 Direct Vent Indoor – H95 Direct Vent Indoor
Providing continuous hot water and featuring 94% efficiency is this particular model of direct vent water heater.

Richmond Encore H95 Outdoor
Featuring 2-pipe direct vent system, this condensing tankless water heater comes with EZ-Link cable for high demand applications.

Richmond Encore Tankless Water Heater 64 Indoor Direct Vent
Featuring energy saving design and supporting compact space is this particular model.

Richmond Encore 64 Tankless Outdoor Water Heater
Featuring intelligent electronic controls and integrated self diagnostic program is this series of Richmond water heaters.

Model Encore Tankless 84 Direct Vent
This series of water heaters can offer continuous hot water of up to 8.4 gallons per minute.

Model Encore Tankless 84 Outdoor
This model features an energy saving design and comes with intelligent electronic controls.

Model Encore Tankless 95 Direct Vent Indoor
This model of Richmond hot water heater comes with an oxygen depletion sensor and built-in electric blower.

Model Encore Tankless 95 Outdoor
Featuring the patented Exclusive SBT™ sending burner technology OFW™ overheat film wrap is this particular model.

Residential Tankless Electric
Model RMTE 13
Featuring one-unit temperature control and LEDs that indicates active element is this range of tankless models.

Model RMTE 18
Offering continuous hot water is this particular model that comes with a rugged brass heat exchanger.

Model RMTE 27
Featuring modulating power and standard 1/2″ water connection is this particular model.

Model RMTE 3
This electric tankless series of water heaters features modulating power and one-unit temperature control.

Model RMTE 7
This particular series of tankless Richmond water heaters comes with active elements and standby model.

Residential Solar
Richmond Solar
This residential solar unit comes with a threaded stud locater, which is situated near the outlet.

SolPak Solar Electric Water Heater
Offering complete water heating solution is this series that comes in 80 and 120 gallon capacities.

Commercial Richmond Water Heater Reviews
Commercial Gas
Heavy Duty Water Heater
This series of heavy duty models come in the range of 98,000 BTU and 400,000 BTU.

Heavy Duty Low NOx
Featuring patented multiflue design and automatic flue damper is this series of water heaters.

High Efficiency Water Heater
Meeting commercial requirements are this series of water heaters with 95% efficiency.

High-Input Water Heater
This series comes of Richmond water heaters comes with System Sentinel™ LED Diagnostic system.

Induced Draft
This model comes with factory installed draft inducer thereby allowing higher BTU to vent through a 6″ vent.

Medium Duty
This medium duty range comes with a full flow brass drain valve and gas control system.

Power Direct Vent
This particular series features BTU ranging between 150,000 and 25,000 BTU.

Power Vent
This particular Richmond hot water heater can vent up to 95 feet and features Low Nox burner.

Commercial Electric
Heavt Duty
Featuring lifeguard stainless steel elements and immersion thermostat is this range of water heaters.

Heavy Duty
Immersion thermostat models with diagnostic system are available.

Light Duty
These Richmond hot water heaters come with porcelain enamel lined tank.

This range of water heaters patented resistor heating elements.

Under Counter Booster
This particular series comes with heavy duty anode rods and durable brass drain valve.