Ruud Hot Water Heaters – Professional (electric)

Professional electric Ruud hot water heaters are an option for those looking for an electric water heater that delivers hot water continuously and is yet highly energy efficient.

It is available in different gallon capacities that range between 30 and 80 gallons and depending on one's choice and preference, one can accordingly choose the desired capacity. Ruud's years of experience and expertise is clearly visible in this particular model that boasts an array of features thereby making it stand out from its peers.

Ruud Professional Electric Water Heater Tanks Highlights:

  • This unit features the patented EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System that helps in the prevention of lime and sediment buildup.

  • It is fitted with a brass drain valve, which facilitates in the process of emptying the tank.

  • The premium grade anode rod protects the tank from any kind of rust and corrosion.

  • The temperature and pressure relief valve is a kind of a safety device protects the water heater from excessive temperatures and pressures.

  • The exclusive Ruud Glass tank lining enhances the lifecycle of the product through the prevention of corrosion.

  • The electric water heater tanks feature an isolated tank design that helps in minimizing conductive heat loss.

  • The unit's over-temperature protector automatically cuts off the power in case of excessive temperature situations.

  • These particular models of Ruud hot water heaters are designed be absolutely compliant with different kinds of electric utility incentive programs.

Professional - Ruud Electric Water Heater Review:

Ruud electric water heater tanks are designed to offer an optimum level of service, as it comes equipped with a variety of innovative features. It is available in short, medium and tall models.

The short models can be found in the capacities of 30, 38 and 47 gallons while the medium sized models are available in 30 and 50 gallons. The tall models can be found in 40, 50, 65 and 80 gallons.

Ruud has designed this electric water heater keeping in mind not only the performance and energy efficiency factor but has also made sure it is completely safe to use at all times. The over-temperature protector automatically shuts off the power in case of excessive temperature situations.

The anode rod enhances the product's lifecycle by preventing it from rust and corrosion. Additionally, the Ruud hot water heater also features a tank lining that also prevents corrosion. All these features combine to make this an perfect solution for anyone looking for a quality grade water heater.

All models are equipped with standard 240 volt AC, single phase non-simultaneous wiring and
4500 watt upper and lower heating elements, as well as heat traps.
Ruud Professional Electric Water Heater
Description & Features Dimensions
Model Number Gallon Capacity First Hour
Rating GPH
Recovery In GPH
@ 90° Rise
Tank Height Height to
Water Conn.
Diameter Approx.
Ship WT.
RUE PRO40-2 40 55 21 .95 46 3/4” 46 3/4” 22 1/4” 104 lbs.
RUEH PRO40-2 40 55 21 .95 59 1/4” 59 1/4” 17 3/4” 96 lbs.
RUE PRO52-2 50 67 21 .95 57” 57” 22 1/4” 123 lbs.
RUE PRO66-2 65 71 21 .92 58 3/4” 58 3/4” 23” 160 lbs.
RUE PRO80-2 80 88 21 .91 59” 59” 24 1/2” 181 lbs.
RUEM PRO30-2 30 40 21 .93 36” 36” 19 3/4” 80 lbs.
RUEM PRO52-2 50 63 21 .93 46” 46” 24 1/4” 128 lbs.
RUES PRO30-2 30 41 21 .93 30” 30” 22 1/4” 83 lbs.
RUES PRO40-2 38 47 21 .92 31 1/2” 31 1/2” 23” 108 lbs.
RUES PRO50-2 47 55 21 .91 32” 32” 26 1/4” 149 lbs.

Professional Electric Water Heater Tanks Final Review

A Ruud electric water heater is suited for anyone looking for a truly reliable and durable water heating solution. This particular model is available in different capacities thereby providing that much more flexibility to choose the one that fits the requirements perfectly.

Irrespective of whichever capacity of Ruud hot water heater one chooses, one is guaranteed to get a model that will surely deliver hot water as and when required without compromising on the energy efficiency.

Loaded with interesting features, Professional electric Ruud hot water heaters are truly a quality product that assures complete safety, reliability, long lasting durability and a superior level of performance.

The eight year limited tank and parts warranty provides the assurance about the quality and reliability of the product and how committed the organization is towards providing the best to its customers.