Scout Water Heater For Mobile Homes

State Scout water heater is designed to meet all the requirements for manufactured housing installation. This kind of water heater comes with a host of features and it is ideally side mounted and offers cold water and hot water inlets.

These are specifically meant to cater the needs of a manufactured house and are designed to facilitate a set of respective requirements. State offers one of the most innovative range of manufactured home water heaters that takes into consideration every aspect of what ones needs may be.

Features Of A State Mobile Home Water Heater?

  • State Scout electric water heaters are designed specifically to meet the requirements of manufactured housing.

  • These water heaters are fitted with side-mounted cold water and hot water inlets.

  • This type of water heater is also equipped with anode rod that helps in providing protection against any kind of corrosion.

  • Since they are designed for manufactured housing, therefore these are meant for portable water heating only.

  • State Manufactured Home water heaters are also fitted with temperature and pressure relief valve, which helps in providing protection against excessive temperatures and pressures.

  • This particular model is designed to meet the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act standards in regard to standby loss and insulation requirements and therefore does not require insulation blanket separately.

  • This State Scout water heater comes with a 5 year warranty on the tank and 1 year warranty on the parts.

Why A State Select Water Heater For Mobile Homes

The Manufactured Home water heater made by State was specifically designed, as this type of house requires a portable water heating solution. Since manufactured housing are factory manufactured and assembled and placed, therefore they do not possess the facility to space heating water heaters.

This type of portable water heaters are available in different capacities and depending on one's preferences and requirements, one can choose the tank capacity that suits them. This particular model does not require insulation blanket separately as it is designed to meet the standard of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act.

It is an ideal solution for manufactured housing where only portable water heaters can be fitted but it is then just restricted to manufactured housing and since it is designed to cater to a specific requirement, therefore, it lacks some of the features that a conventional space heating water heater may possess.

Scout Water Heaters Sizes Available

Top mounted T&P Valve not available.
Model Number Series Gallon
GPH Recovery
90° Rise
1st Hour Rating
In Gallons
Energy Factor Element Wattage
MHEW2-30L-035D 100 28 16.1 40 .93 3500/3500
MHEW2-30H-035D 100 30 16.1 43 .93 3500/3500
MHEW2-40R-035D 100 40 16.1 50 .92 3500/3500

Perfect Choice For A Manufactured Home Water Heater

Ideally, State Mobile Home water heaters are recommended for those living in manufactured housing as this particular type of water heater has been designed to cater to that segment. One of the biggest advantages is that this water heater is absolutely portable and therefore there isn't much of a hassle in installing this unit.

Not too much of a plumbing effort is needed to install State Scout water heater and within a minimal amount of time it can be easily fixed. The manufactured home water heater comes equipped with anode rod that helps protect the tank from corrosion and helps enhance the product life.

This acts as a boon because the output of the water is absolutely clean and can be used for different applications. Available in different gallon capacities, State Scout water heater is equipped to handle two to three applications at a time. All these factors combine to make State Scout water heater perfect for manufactured houses.