Takagi Water Heater - T-KJr2-IN/OS

Takagi water heater T-KJr2-IN/OS is the smallest water heater in the Takagi tankless line but it is known to deliver a powerful performance despite its small size. Supporting a compact and a sleek design, this water heater is equipped to manage and fulfill all kinds of hot water requirements.

It is designed to meet hot water needs of apartments with one or two bathrooms. Completely cost effective, one gets to enjoy continuous supply of hot water without having to worry about high energy bills.

Features Offered by Takagi T-K 2 Gas Tankless Hot Water Heater

Takagi T-KJr2-OS was introduced in 2010 and is one of the smallest water heaters in the Takagi product line.

The minimum natural gas input is 19,500 BTU and the maximum natural gas input is 140,000 BTU.

This series of water heaters are available in two models where one is natural gas and the second one is LPG.

This model is apt to meet the water heating requirements of an apartment with one or two bathrooms. It is ideal for both light residential and radiant heating applications.

It comes fitted with an electronic ignition.

This particular model is extremely energy efficient as the energy factor varies between 0.81 and 0.83.

Since this model is known for its sleek and compact design therefore it can easily be mounted and installed.

This model also provides the flexibility of getting converted into a direct-vent unit through the usage of the optional TV09 conversion kit.

This series comes equipped with four preset temperatures, which are 113°F, 122°F, 140°F, and 182°F. One has the option to opt for a TK-RE02 temperature controller to achieve any other temperature.

This particular model under Takagi hot water heaters can provide sufficient hot water for a shower and one appliance such as dishwasher or washing machine in warmer areas with an average temperature of 60°F.

Performance Review 0f The Takagi Hot Water Heater - T-KJr2

Takagi Machinery Co. has always been at the forefront of offering technologically advanced tankless water heaters that offer something new and interesting and match the customer's requirements. Supporting a compact and a sleek design, it does come as a surprise that a small unit like T-KJr2-OS can deliver so much more.

This is the result of the in-depth research that goes into offering innovative heating solutions. Versatility and flexibility are two other qualities that make this unit an ideal alternative for anyone looking for a compact and portable water heater.

It definitely takes up less space and it can also converted into a direct vent through the use of an optional TV09 conversion kit. All these features do contribute towards the enhanced performance of this model, but Takagi T-KJr2-OS water heater is ideal for residential applications rather than heavy duty commercial applications.

Overall Views of The T-KJr2 Takagi Water Heater - Natural Gas and Propane

Takagi T-KJr2-OS water heater is truly an innovative piece of water heating system that offers a host of interesting features and is ideal for a home with one or two bathrooms. Though this is the smallest in the complete product line, its performance is undoubtedly superior and can deliver an output that is equivalent to that of a 40-gallon tank type water heater.

Takagi as an organization has always been particular about providing water heaters that are completely energy efficient and environmental friendly. Even with this particular unit one is assured of receiving incredible thermal efficiency rating and therefore one need not worry about paying high energy bills.

The compact design combined with excellent performance while being completely environmental friendly contributes to making Takagi T-K-Jr2-OS water heater a clear winner.