Tiny Titan Compact Water Heater SHC 2.5 Gal

Tiny Titan Compact water heater SHC 2.5 gallon is a compact yet durable and sturdy water heater that is perfect for mini tank water heater applications and can easily be installed even in constraining spaces. This unit is perfect for applications in office buildings, warehouses, schools, restaurants, stores, condos and for residential consumption such as bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks etc.

It comes packed with an assortment of features that ensure this product is completely trustworthy and can continue to provide optimum service for years to come.

The Mini Tank Water Heater Features

  • This water heater features a glass-lined tank that offers additional protection against any kind of corrosion or rust.

  • The temperature and pressure valve included with the unit saves the water heater from excessive temperatures and pressures.

  • This compact and sleekly designed mini tank water heater can easily be wall mounted and therefore it saves a lot of precious space.

  • The mini tank water heaters can easily be plugged into the standard 110-volt outlet.

  • Since this tiny titan water heater is directly placed where it is needed therefore it eliminates the option of connecting a pipe from a central hot water tank.

  • Using this small tank along with robust insulation minimizes the stand-by loses that one would ideally associate with large tank water heaters.

  • The 6 year warranty on the tank showcases the organization's commitment to provide quality products to its customers.

How Does A Tiny Titan Water Heater Perform?

The performance of tiny Titan compact water heater SHC 2.5 is quite good and serves the purpose successfully that it is meant for. It is an ideal unit for those looking to install a small yet an efficient water heater where the instant supply of hot water is guaranteed as soon as one turns on the faucet.

It is quite compact, lightweight and simple in design and can also easily plug into the standard 110-volt outlet. It does not require any kind of additional requirements in order to start using this water heater.

The installation process is also quite easy and within minutes one can install Titan Mini tank water heater and start using it. The durability and long lasting reliability is clearly evident from the special glass lined tank that this water heater possesses which helps in protecting the tank from any kind of corrosion or rust.

It ensures the water heater is able to provide hot water as and when required and can function for years to come without any problems. This particular model of tiny Titan water heater SHC 2.5 gallon hardly requires any kind of maintenance and it still continues to offer an optimum level of performance. All these factors make this unit an ideal option for anyone looking for a mini tank water heaters.

What Makes This Tiny Titan Compact Water Heater Special?

Mini tank water heater SHC 2.5 gallon is a point-of-use water heater that is designed specifically to cater to the needs of point-of-use applications. These can easily be installed in kitchens, washrooms, lavatories etc and possesses the ability to provide hot water instantly as and when required.

The compact design ensures the water heater can be easily installed anywhere and the installation process is also quite simple. Available in 2.5 gallon, this water heater is apt for applications where small amount of hot water is required and it saves energy but also saves on space because of its tankless technology.

All these benefits combine to make tiny Titan water heater SHC 2.5 gallon an ideal water heating solution for small applications.