Voltex Hybrid Electric Water Heater

A hybrid electric water heater is supposed to offer an innovative technology where it uses heat pump technology to provide a more intelligent way of heating water with electricity.

There are a host of advantages to using this innovative water heater system, as it helps one to conserve energy and thereby enable reduction in electricity bills. Available in large gallon capacities, this series of water heaters ensure it can meet high demands for hot water especially for residential consumption.

Description Of A Voltex Hybrid Heat Pump

  • This series of A.O. Smith Voltex water heaters are designed to absorb the heat from the environment and transfer it to the water.
  • It is available in 60 and 80 gallon models thereby ensuring high demands for hot water is met at all times.
  • The unit offers four distinctive operating modules that include high efficiency, electric, hybrid and vacation.
  • The user-friendly LCD display ensures one is able to monitor and control the temperature settings.
  • This series of Hybrid Electric water heaters are Energy Star® qualified thereby resulting in more energy savings.
  • The unit is also designed to help conserve energy due to the 2.5 Energy Factor (EF).

How Should You Expect a Voltex Water Heater To Perform

A.O. Smith Voltex Hybrid electric water heat pump is designed to ensure that it helps in saving energy and yet providing an efficient performance. This series of water heaters are integrated systems that extracts heat from the natural surroundings and then transfers the heat into the tank.

This results in an extremely energy efficient water heating system offering high outputs of hot water as and when required. Additionally, it also produces cool and dehumidified air as a by-product. The energy savings can be determined from the right operating mode and therefore it offers four different modes that include hybrid, efficiency, conventional electric and vacation mode.

The efficiency mode ensures complete energy efficiency through pulling out warmth from natural surroundings and transferring it to the water. The hybrid mode utilizes the heat pump to enhance efficiency while in the conventional mode the water heater operates as a conventional water heater.

The vacation mode offers one touch operation that helps maintain the temperature of the tank at 60°F during vacation thereby helping in minimizing costs. All these features combine to lend immense advantages to this series of A.O. Smith Voltex Hybrid electric water heater.

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Taking Advantage Of A Voltex Hybrid Heat Pump

For those looking for an innovative piece of technology that will not only offer superior performance but also ensure that one doesn’t incur too much cost on their water heater, this particular unit is an ideal alternative. In the long term this type of water heater offers more energy efficiency and it is even Star Energy Qualified.

Featuring an integrated system, this type of water heater works on a different philosophy altogether where it captures the outside air and then the refrigerant absorbs it and is pumped through the compressor, which automatically increases the temperature and then the copper condensing coil circulates it and transfers the heat to the water in the storage tank.

In order to minimize the chances of standby heat loss, the unit is also surrounded by non-CFC foam insulation, which is complete environmental safe. In this manner this innovative water heating system can drastically reduce the operating costs, which would undoubtedly result in significant savings. A.O. Smith Voltex Hybrid Electric water heater is an advanced unit designed to meet hot water demands without compromising on energy efficiency.